Monday, August 2, 2010

Drinking water

Drinking water has been a topic of interest around our house for quite some time. Mainly because our daughter hates to drink water, almost refuses to drink water. In fact, just about the only thing she will drink is probably one of the worst things "punch." She won't drink ice tea, she won't drink regular fruit juice, and she definitely won't drink water.

Thank goodness she likes to read. Somewhere recently, she read about putting lemon or lime juice in water to make it easier to drink. So, yesterday, she drank a large glass of water, after squeezing a few lime wedges into it. I was very happy!

I'm sure I've suggested such a thing before, but as Mom, my ideas are rarely considered!

Maybe this will be the start of a new trend!


  1. Mmm, water. I actually love water, but with lemon or lime it's a nice change. Mother knows best - lol.

  2. I remember when soda was the only thing I would drink. That QUICKLY changed when I had to start paying for everything myself. At that point, I found water to be a pretty tasty alternative!

  3. Drinking enough water has always been a challenge for me. Funny though. When I do drink enough I'm less hungry. And I do like water with a little more punch myself.

  4. Hi There,

    Just found your blog and added it. I'm in the same boat as you, trying to go down 100!!! I see you are well on your way. Congratulations on the progress so far.


  5. Until a few years ago, I never drank water. Only coffee or pop for me! Then (the first time) I decided to get fit I drank nothing but water. And to my surprise, that's the only healthy habit I've kept all these years. I will drink a pop when we go out to eat, but other than that, it's water for me.


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