Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh my!

I fell way behind on my blogging!

I had to work in a different town for a week, so that threw me off my routine.

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments everyone's been posting. I appreciate them all!

Another big pitfall for me is eating out. My family ate out at a local Mexican food restaurant this week. I was tired and stressed....I was half-way through the second spinach and mushroom enchilada and feeling overstuffed when I remembered that I was supposed to save half of my meal for the next day's lunch. I have found that making that conscious decision before I ever even get to the restaurant helps me to cut back on how much I eat and spreads my eating out dollars even further.

Of course, that plan works best when #1 you are familiar with the restaurant and its meal portions and #2 you remember to put the plan into action.

Unfortunately that night, I hadn't left enough for lunch the next day. But, rather than just keep eating, in order to "clean my plate," I stopped right there. I let the waiter take away the rest of that burrito.

I need to alert my husband and daughter to the fact that I want to take half of my meal home with me. That way, they can remind me, if I forget.

I haven't weighed in a while...scared to. I think I'll try to work extra hard at staying on track this coming weekend and week and then weigh.

I'd say I haven't been too bad, but I haven't been too good, either. For example, when the afternoon munchies hit this week, I didn't have any healthy snacks with me. But, I chose a snack mix with low-fat pretzels in it, rather than a candy bar and cola. I did remember to bring iced tea with me to sip on. That surely was healthier than colas every day.

If you're working on the same issues I am, good luck this weekend! I'll be thinking of all of you out there, as I try to stick to my own plan!

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  1. A change in routine always throws me off-balance. Hope you feel like you're 'back on track' very soon! Try not to worry about it too much - I'm sure the worst damage will be from the salt in the meal you ate, which would obviously lead to a water gain... Here today, gone tomorrow!


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