Friday, July 2, 2010

Breakfast and Lunch - July 2, 2010

We woke up to a sick daughter this morning. So, I rushed off to work for the morning, then came home at lunchtime, and then my husband rushed off to work this afternoon.

Still, I've stuck to the plan for meals and snacks.

For breakfast, I had my regular oatmeal (see yesterday's post for the recipe).

For lunch, I had leftover spaghetti -- 1 cup whole wheat spaghetti, and some store-bought sauce, as well as a salad.

For an afternoon snack, I had a strawberry yogurt.

I needed to go buy groceries this evening, but with a sick child that may not happen. I'll have to look and see what I have on hand that is healthy. It's situations like this that have always thrown me off track anyway. And, then, once I'm off track, I think, "What difference does it make," and I just keep going the wrong direction. I'm hoping to stay on track this go around.


  1. Hope you're daughter is feeling much better. I've also used the 'curveball' excuse to stray off track too - and stay that way for weeks/months at a time... :o( Far easier to stay on track that make up all the hard work you've undone by veering from it for a while... Good luck! :o)

  2. Hi Carla --

    I found your blog while blog hopping and your 100 pounds icon caught my eye. We are close in age and recently started our blogs, so I'll be watching you!

    I tried to follow but Google was having an issue, so I'll try again later.

    Good luck -- Dee :)

  3. hi im kelli..yes i know what you the same least i used to be..hehe im trying to stay on track too..sometimes its awful hard..have a great weekend..and i hope your daughter gets to feelin better..kelli


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