Sunday, July 4, 2010

Holiday weekend

Oh! Being a holiday weekend is making this new venture harder than ever! I'm trying to not eat too much, though. I know I'm not eating quite as healthy as I should, but I'm trying very hard to keep it all in moderation.

My daughter is fine now. I think it was too much excitement the day before.She wouldn't eat much breakfast Friday, but she had some soup for lunch and then was fine by dinner.

We took a drive to a small town about 30 miles away yesterday and visited a little produce stand. We bought fresh tomatoes, peaches, cantaloupe, corn and peppers grown nearby. So, we'll be having lots of healthy, fresh food today!

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  1. The stuff you bought from the produce stand sounds delicious! We went for a long walk today to our farm shop and bought lots of fresh strawberries. :o)


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