Friday, July 2, 2010

Challenge last night

After dinner last night, it was time for our daughter's softball league awards ceremony and pool party. At the party, was a large cake, as well as a variety of candy, cookies, cupcakes, chips, etc. And, there were drinks -- Cokes, Dr Peppers, Gatorades, water, etc.

Before I thought about it, I ate two Twizzlers, but then I realized what I was doing and stopped. The package said 4 Twizzlers had 26 calories, so maybe I didn't do too much damage there.

When I went for a drink, I picked up a Diet Coke, but then I decided that was just a bad habit to get into. I put it back and chose a bottle of water.

I ended up cutting and serving the cake, handing out dozens of pieces to kids and adults, but I didn't even take one lick of the icing, much less a whole piece of cake.

Overall, yesterday, I didn't even eat everything I was supposed to, which isn't good, I know. I needed more veggies and more milk. I'm working on detailed menus to help solve that problem.

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